The author got used to the fact that before the case, it is supposed that the executed Own work, turned into the acquisition of benefits from the sale of products up to the provision of services (including from lawyers, completing unhappy ones), and also other types of deep purposes.

It was always supposed that the matter is a given clear understanding of the work of one or many people in the form of shopping centers, offices, systems and other conditional conditions.

But, ultimately, the period has come, if the case is allowed to open in no way only in the form of shops, tents and cabinets. Now it’s not necessary to remove the accommodation, purchase household equipment with the purpose of arranging the labor area and invite people to the daily 8-hour service (and in this case more). Today it is allowed to have an online business, With the help of the Internet, without spending a period and finances in ennobling the outdoor concept of your commercial.

“What is interesting about a network of Internet business?” - be interested in you.

I will separate the key aspects, In order for you to realize, which is why today you need to work on your own. With the help of the Internet:


1. In order to disclose their own commercial online, it is in no way necessary to invest large resources in renting a building, and only otherwise, I didn’t register more. Enough to have a computer building and connect it to the Internet.

2. It is not necessary to spend the period of travel to your own office / store and back according to a number of hours per day. You are going to your own proletarian period of the female, being a building, or in every other sector, in which place to take admission to the Internet.

3. You will be able to work with nations from different states. There is no need to find a professional from your own area or metropolis. It is allowed to put in order a service with the peoples from Europe, Asia, including AMERICA (if you absolutely understand the styles). There are no limits to the search for assistants in your business.

4. It is not necessary to pay a “roof” in any way, it is not necessary to have a base in order to preserve the product (today it is allowed to buy a product according to the need criterion, or to emphasize the Living Space Element for it (if the product is certainly not of very large volumes perishable)).

5. By and large, you will not be able to do anything in your own commercial with the help of the Internet. It is enough only to put in order contact skidding and rejoice in the “gifts” of your effective work.

6. The case is not necessarily obliged to appear in the product. Today a network of informative character Internet matter is highly demanded, if people are given information to form or extract one or another skill or (preparation).

And because of this, they get great finances, see?

7. And the only one from the main advantages of your own commercial online is that you can work in order that you do not want. You prefer to work in sports - you can realize your own video training for the people.

Love to prepare - give us fascinating culinary recipes, or scribble your own cookbook online.

You know how to teach people handicrafts - give people a chance to learn this and get a result, without getting out of the building.

Do you want to teach people what - in this case, other wisdoms (as well as to make maintenance in a living space, traveling without overpayments, preparing to form your own web site and almost everything else) - you just as once opened the way to the Internet business network.

With the help of the Internet you will be able to carry out your own dreams, missions, and achieve an outcome in the enjoyment, and not to the detriment of your own well-being and domestic existence.

As you have noticed, there are a lot of online work flows, there was used aspiration and motivation.

But, as well as every business, the Internet business case also calls for separate operations:

The first is the formation of a personal website or blog. If you do not know how to do this, in this case, due to the service of a professional according to the formation of websites, you need to pay enough.

2nd - this development and initiative of your product / product / service. Advertising writing, development With the help of social networks and other list of sources, besides, they spend time and money. If you learn the whole person personally, in this case you will spend the service with your own website according to 24 hours of your own time per day.

3rd - the subsequent communication with customers. What b services could not be found online, they always want to make some extra money in this one, and therefore, without fail, what is enough in this case to be realized. And if there is no way to put in order the concept of customer service until the end of implementation, in this case it is allowed to lose absolutely all other buyers. And this therefore, what is premature or late is the need to pay a service fee for the one who is enough

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