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A business? so what is this like? With goal 1, the case is represented by a method of extracting monetary gain, for the purpose of others, by a manner of existence, and with goal 3, a tool to receive finances by learning from the beloved process. There is a clear definition of the phrase “business” - this financial work, which is focused on the acquisition of foreign exchange benefits from the sale of products, the offer of services, the manufacture of products. There is a high threat of loss of property, in this way (as well as there is no pledge of this, that the money spent will be reimbursed from the product (services) produced, the businessman will gain earnings. Types of commercial 1) A small, personal business belongs to the village in this way (after all, at home "- a chance to acquire a solid income with a number of relatively small currency investments. This kind of business, as well as the norm, encourages absolute employment and personal individual properties. 2) The establishment of a private firm has the need for the greatest investment, the experiment of conducting a personal process and the presence of administrative properties of a businessman in order to develop a high-class group of employees. 3) Franchising - the acquisition of authority in the application of safely running in the market of the company according to the finished modification. This case is created in the provision of a brand and technology management of a well-known company. In this way (as well as franchise companies there is a huge number, then the cost spectrum is quite extensive. 4) Electric trading activity is a good view for commercial purposes from zero, but dictating the special skills of building, researching and promoting a website, study of the niche, bringing the maximum earnings. 5) A society that wants to have its own problem, but fear the highest risks, will be able to choose a more correct one for the purpose of their business - network-wide management. We select an idea for the purpose of a commercial. The majority of people who receive a decree to form their own business, get bogged down in this kind of transitional period, just as the selection is a matter of thought. The selection of thoughts for the purpose of personal commercial is currently allowed to begin with the World Tie. The Internet is a powerful system, applying that, because of a short period, an individual has the opportunity to determine the whole information according to his interesting problem. 1. How to pick up a thought? There is a large mass of trimmed thoughts for the purpose of their own process. It is necessary to select based on the following circumstances: - personal predisposition; - degree of competition; - the amount of first investments. 2. We carry out the final selection. In consequence of this, as well as preferred a certain amount of thoughts, we acquire the list. However, you only need to pick 1 of them. In order to do this In order to make the final selection, one must possess additional data according to any kind of commercial in the actual work. If you like the concept of disclosing a cafeteria or a restaurant - discuss with the owner of such an institution in your own town, according to your soul, the concept of creating an online shopping mall network - talk with its owner. It is always necessary to find out aspects of a commercial - the required expenses, probable problems, payback period, etc. 3. Fulfill thought. There is no need to rush to fix your own business and quickly arrange the paper. To reveal the PI or LLC now is practically no work and captures only a certain number of employees of the day. In the main order, carefully examine what way a similar case is organized in your town, aspects of taxation, calculate the possible profits and costs along with the conduct of such a commercial. Analyze and verify always the advantages, superiority, errors and roughness of your own upcoming rivals, and only then proceed to the implementation of your own business plan. And do not forget - always in your power! Only this one, who does not create anything, is not mistaken. Only the determination to learn in your own mistakes and the desire to extend the stream to perfection will plunge you to triumph.

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