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After the effective launch of the Bitcoin concept, the new cryptocurrencies began to increase, as did the hellish meat in the aftermath of the shower. Today there are about 100, however, in our website, cryptocurrency directions are thrown, which dynamically form and have the highest characteristics according to capitalization (the price of absolutely all currency units in rotation), according to the price of a monetary unit, according to the level of anonymity and other data.

Bitcoin (Bitcoin) - a cryptocurrency-inventor that excels according to absolutely all the marked features. The course of action of Bitcoin in accordance with the relationship to the bucks in 2017 increased to an unprecedented mark - $ 20,000.
Ethereum (Ethereum) is a concept that makes an excellent offer of auxiliary functions, in addition to performing payment procedures (the currency part is ethereum). A secondary function is the registration of transactions with various assets (based on blockchain contracts).
Litecoin is a concept based on Bitcoin research, but with certain improvements it is the highest level of anonymity and pace of action.
Digitalcash - in addition, one cryptocurrency, based in Bitcoin. The creators of the payment concept have achieved this, but what evidence of actions does not come with the help of DES? TH min., But quickly.
Monero is a cryptocurrency that pushes users to the highest level of anonymity protection.
NEM is one of the youngest concepts (it has been functioning since 2016), which received the greatest fame and help in the Land of the Rising Sun.
Ripple (Ripple) - one from several cryptocurrencies, operating as a result of its own original research, and not in any way copying the Bitcoin infrastructure.
Stellar - originated as the Ripple region, but today it functions personally. Combines the payment concept and the exchange of exchange of monetary units.
ByteCoin - a cryptocurrency with one from the lowest directions according to the relationship to bucks and to the target with absolutely all shown.

The directions of online cryptocurrency are corrected (in the present tense), starting from the data of past transactions in global imagined exchanges and exchange services (PTS-e, Kraken, etc.). Value changes due to 1 currency piece due to the various stages displayed in the graph.

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