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In this year, another procedure for using the cadastral price for the purpose of real estate taxation came into force.

If the taxpayer could appeal against it in court or in a special commission next to Rosreestre, next to the tax calculation, the modified cadastral price is sufficiently used not from this summer, in which there was an appeal about the disagreement with the score results, but from time to time if the price was incorrect.

The volume of investments in real estate has exceeded 240 billion rubles. in 2018

In addition, in 2019 to 63 areas, where the collection of property - living space, housing, cottage, garages and other important facilities - is calculated based not on the descriptive, but on the cadastral price of the item (sympathy is closer to the market), in addition 7: Perm region, Kaluga, Lipetsk, Rostov, Saratov, Tyumen and Ulyanovsk spheres. After that, for the first time, objects will be attracted to taxation, the powers of people in which they are registered in a simple mode without performing an industrial inventory and establishing a reasonable price. The talk is about garden, country houses, car garages, home constructions, and most of them are in most square meters. In addition, for the first time, apartment buildings built into use from 2013 onwards will be taxed on the property, starting from the cadastral price. Next to this, a sufficiently used indicator is 0.2 to the 1st tax stage of payment.

In the FOURTEEN areas, in which place the tax calculation starting from the cadastral price, it is enough to use the 2nd time consistently, the indicator for the tax phase will be 0.4. In 21 districts, where the cadastral price is applied the 3rd time is consecutive, the indicator is 0.6.

In the subjects of RUSSIAN? FEDERATI ?, in which place the basis for calculating the tax until these times is the price of the items, for the purpose of paying the tax the sympathy is sufficiently indexed in the indicator-coefficient of 1.481. Next to this in 49 areas, in which place the collection is calculated starting from the cadastral price as well as at least 3 years before, its increase is curtailed by 10%.

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