Investments - is the investment of the entered asset (income, power, stage), with the further prospect of extracting benefits, in this case to receive financial rewards.

Foreign investment is a long-term investment of currency money, what do the owners from other countries send to various sectors of the economy the Russian Federation. The investment climate in the country and the prestige of the investment object determine their volume.

Foreign investment implies significant funds taken from one country and invested in various types of business activities from abroad with a target of profit or interest.

According to the law on foreign investments, this is the investment of foreign currency in the business enterprise in the territory of the Russian Federation in the form of state objects that are relevant to a foreign trader, in this Share of money, important securities, other property, material objective in the results of intellectual activity, and besides this services and information .

Foreign investments are constantly types of investments of material (monetary) and intellectual values ​​by foreign investors, and in addition, foreign branches of Russian legal entities in objects of business and other types of activity in the Russian Federation with a target of extracting a subsequent salary.

In foreign investments there is a need for any state in the world, how huge the level of its economic development would be. The Russian public is absolutely no withdrawal, it also follows foreign main share capital with a view to solving economic problems and implementing reforms.

The use of foreign investment is an objective necessity, defined by the concept of the importance of the country's economy in the international division of activities and the flow of foreign currency into areas that are independent from the target of entrepreneurship. Attraction of foreign currency belongs to the insidious tasks of the development of the Russian economy. The development of favorable factors with a target of increasing the inflow of funds from foreign traders is the only social and political functionaries in the RUSSIAN RUSSIA? Federation ?.

There is a specific period, according to which it is allowed to classify permanent investments in an absolute, in a given Share and foreign.

In the relationship with the assets, in what will invest the main share capital, concentrate:
- real;
- financial;
- intangible foreign investment.

Real investment is the contribution of currency money to actually existing and running projects. By real investment is allowed to include investments in the construction of this or any other object, and in addition to this contribution to the development and medicine.

Financial investment is the contribution of currency money by extracting important securities and other monetary assets.

Intangible investments - the contribution of foreign currency through the extraction of intangible assets, in this case to receive various patents, licenses, traders dirtying and others.

In conjunction with the form of ownership focus:
- state;
- Personal;
- mixed investments.

Public investment is carried out with due accountancy funds. Stand out just near the official disposal of the government of the country. Imply a government amount, assistance to other countries, and in addition to various grants.

Private investments are made with-due to the counting of personal funds of traders. This implies the receipt of various objects. Mixed investments are made equally as by the state, in a similar way (and by their investors).

In the relationship with the object of attachment concentrate:
- straight;
- portfolio;
- other investments.

Direct investments are investments in advertising promotions, important important documents, borrowed capital. part of the acquired currency money is represented by more than 10% from absolutely absolutely all advertising and promotions of the established firm. The use of specific investments implies the direct assistance of traders in the management of this enterprise.

Portfolio investments are investments of foreign traders in an important important document. The basis of the difference between portfolio investments and specific ones is formed, in this case, that after all, part of the foreign currency to be acquired is less than 10%. The use of this type of investment does not imply the active importance of traders in the company's actions.

In foreign literature, foreign investment as well as the norm is divided into direct and portfolio (the entrepreneurial form of investment). In our literature, in addition, concentrate other foreign investment (loan form of investment). Other investments - investments in banks, trading amount, the amount of foreign government, other amount, etc. This foreign investment captures more than 57% of the total investment.

In conjunction with the time during which the investor is going to receive a job

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