what is ICO like and why is it performed?
ICO, or Initial Coin Offering (the main location of the tokens) is a given production by some kind of coupon plan or tokens specialized for the purpose of paying for the services of the site in the future - in the variant of cryptocurrency.

At the same time, in contrast to the IPO, consumers of a monetary unit do not acquire parts in firms and can in no way have an influence on internal administrative reports. In the ICO process itself, this is another implementation of the crowdfunding modification, if members finance the formation of a company today for the purpose of this, in order to acquire from it which, in this case, benefits in the future.

For example, because of the Storj plan tokens - Storjcoin X - it is allowed to purchase the stipulated amount of space in the Storj or to increase the throughput width forged. In addition, tokens are allowed to receive by leasing an established area in its own hard disk.

By issuing their own “money” and exchanging it in 1 from popular cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin or Ethereum) or including into real money units (bucks, eurek), the plan has the ability to guarantee itself a subsidy necessary for the launch or formation. In addition, by issuing a monetary unit for the purpose of the plan, it is allowed to force its formation (as well as the introduction of funds in antiquity increased commercial circulation) and automatically settle the problem of the upcoming monetization.

Why is it always said
In 2017, according to Smith + Crown, in the ICO process, there was previously attracted $ 180 million - more than it was due to the whole 2016 time ($ 101 million). And the amount of attraction is continuously increasing.

Someone, in this case, reports on the transition to a new economy, the country and central banks, as well as constantly, are concerned with the tasks of controlling and anonymity, and who exactly then shows in this case what many previously passed plans with the help of ICO verification turns out to be fraudulent schemes.

The author of a note in CNBC compares the rise of cryptocurrency markets and an increase in fashion in the ICO with a subversive increase in promotions of firms in the Internet industry network of companies in 1999 and the accompanying IPO of the dotcoms. This comparison is partially very accurate: as well as the Internet, cryptocurrency is represented only by the device. As well as in the case of a network of Internet companies, numerous plans, getting out in the ICO, simply seek to earn extra money in the hype about a new problem. Others, nevertheless, make an offer with fascinating conclusions, which can be absolutely changed by a person of individual markets.

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