The presentation of the investment plan and its types
The term “investment project” is considered only as a valid investment. Economic investments can either facilitate the execution of actual investments in the framework of the investment plan, or represent an independent type of abstract investment in bags of significant securities, in bank deposits, but in no way in an investment plan. The investment work performed in the variant of important investments implies the realization of how much random amount of investment plans are needed.

In the very most cumulative sense, the investment plan refers to a project of investing money in targets for profit, in a process of a narrow stage of time, and a number of the established budget of the plan. The implementation of investment plans calls for disagreement with currency money today in the benefit of extracting benefits in the future.

The investment plan is allowed to be aware of in two values:

1) The investment plan as well as the work is a given set of interdependent events (a complex of operations), turned into the established results more fully into the process of an established stage of time.
2) The investment plan as well as the act - this particular set of settlement-economic and coordination-legal papers required for the execution of a certain investment plan. In accordance with federal legislation, the larger elements of this set of papers are presented:
- presentation of actual operations according to the execution of investments (business project);
- an important design and estimate documents, produced in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and set standards, generally accepted standards and instructions.
The concept of the investment plan as well as the work seems to be the most capacious and at a high level gives the answer to the essence of the intended analysis according to reason, than its interpretation as well as documentation.

According to the Federal Law “On investment work in the Russian Federation, performed in the figure of important investments”, the investment plan is a confirmation of the financial need, size and deadlines for the execution of important investments, in this part important intended documents, created in accordance with the domestic legislation and confirmed in the established mode standards (generally accepted standards and instructions), but also the presentation of operations according to the execution of investments.

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