Cryptocurrency farms can be made from completely different devices: video cards, processors, strict drives, special equipment, based purely for the purpose of mining. Initially, the concept of "farm" was not. In particular, in this case, the period, if for the purpose of bitcoin mining, it was possible to use only everyday computer.

But with the passage of time, the difficulty of mining increased, the methods were improved and complicated, and thanks to the fact that mining in the family PC was simply unprofitable. At that time, society began to look for components and the right combination of them. Initially, there were processors, after which strict disks were added, and then video cards.

True, today most of the miners assume before the definition of a “farm” a certain number of video cards connected among themselves. Such a structure has the ability to perform only one problem - to obtain a cryptocurrency, using its own calculated forces.

Farm cards began to become popular due to the ether, which contains no such a difficult method of extraction, as well as Bitcoin, but previously deserved considerable fame. Actually, therefore, numerous people recalled that earlier, in addition in the 12th and 13ths, dodgy players used their own video cards for the purpose of this, in order to mine bitcoins. And they did it pretty well.

And with the purpose of this In order to get bitcoins today, simply the farm in the video cards is not enough. You need specialized equipment - ASIC processors, which stand up large funds (with $ 5 thousand), but they have a large calculated performance, perfectly adapted for the purpose of production.

The first cryptocurrency mining farms passed a long way from household computers up to the full rules that a certain amount of millions of rubles arise ...

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