Characteristic features of investment in immovable property Investments in real estate - an economic move, meaning investment of currency in the subject of an apartment or an empty type, staying in the period of construction or sale. Investors who are allowed to approve assistance in this family of payment should be taken in the interest of this period, so that investments can find an excuse for themselves only With the help of a specific period of time. Income from investments has the ability to manifest itself in the form of real amenities or auxiliary key earnings. Experts choose to call this method of obtaining benefits small personal matter. In addition, investment in property in the current period seems to be a rather necessary offer in our market. This is explained for the fact that firms specializing in the construction of objects, constantly have the need for large or small investors who have the chance to pay for their plan. Next to this, investors, in general, have the opportunity to extract one from the types of earnings, from which: Inert income. Sympathy presupposes the necessary amount of investments or real estate received. Earnings of this type are allowed to be purchased alongside the acquisition of a dwelling at the turn of erection with a further lease after the introduction of the building into use. Share with sale. Obtaining property during the re-planning period or at the basis of construction is a profitable decree in this way (as well as square meters at this stage are much more economical. Therefore, after putting the building into use, the investor has the opportunity to realize the living space, accommodation and other real estate according to a rather high Based on the above data, it is allowed to note that the earnings from investing in real estate seem to be a difference in the subsequent decision operation Oia property speculation -. this work, that is in the zone of responsibility of the supreme realtor firms and mediocre managers essence of their work is the early redemption of a large number of apartments in new buildings with a view to subsequent disposal in the income for the purpose of circumstances themselves..

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