Dealing With Investing Risk | Why Life Is Risky | Ethan Galstad

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Like most everything in life, there is risk in investing your money. Learn how to manage risk and look at risk in a different way.

Thanks for watching my video! My name is Ethan and my goal is to help improve the world, one person at a time. I'm doing that by sharing the information, ideas, and inspiration that I think will improve the lives of others. I'd love to hear your comments on what content you'd like me to produce. Please consider subscribing to my channel and clicking the notification bell icon, so you know when I upload new content to my channel.

I produce content related to:

- Entrepreneurship
- Finance
- Investing
- Personal Growth
- Thinking Bigger

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Why I Make The Content I ProduceMy goal is to make the world better at a massive scale - one person at a time - by sharing the ideas, information, and inspiration that I believe can help the world. View my channel trailer about why I’m starting this project at:

Financial education in relation to money, finances, and investing is sorely lacking in today’s society. We didn’t learn the important concepts of money in school (in fact most of us didn’t learn anything about money in school) and we didn’t learn much from our parents (because they weren’t taught either). As Robert Kiyosaki says, this seems like the “Conspiracy of the Rich” - a system of teaching that seems designed to create worker bees instead of independent entrepreneurs and investors. I’d like to help change that by helping to educate others on the things I’ve learned related to:

- Getting out of credit card debt and student loan debt
- Getting started in investing
- Allocating income towards expenses, savings, and investments
- Diversifying investments across multiple asset classes
- The pros and cons of alternative investments and non-correlated assets
- Hedging bets and minimizing risks in investing
- Developing cash flow sources (aka “money machines”) that produce passive cash flow
- Creating a security retirement nest egg
- Becoming financially free

Entrepreneurship is something that isn’t taught in schools, but it’s a vital part of both our economy and the path to financial freedom. Entrepreneurs have great courage and follow a challenging path on their way to success. I share my experience of being an entrepreneur, along things I’ve learned along the way in an effort to help those who are starting their own small business ventures.

Fear of failure, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and lack of fulfillment in life are some of the things that hold us back from achieving our full potential. I aim to help people in these areas by sharing my stories, concepts from others, and general thoughts on life that can help improve the lives of others.

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DisclaimersI’m not a licensed CPA, financial advisor, CFP, or any other type of investment, retirement, or financial advisor. I’m not a doctor, a psychiatrist, or any other type of licensed medical professional. I’m just a kid from Wisconsin who has learned a lot over the years that has helped me become successful and I want to share my knowledge with others to help them succeed. As always, do your own homework, consult your own advisors, and make your own decisions in life.

I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors in life - whether they be big or small. Good luck and god speed!

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