Deutsche Bank Saga Continues & The Trump Connection Rabbit Hole goes even Deeper !!

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 Deutsche Bank Saga Continues & And The Trump Connection Rabbit Hole goes even Deeper !!
The Deutsche Bank saga continues.
This time with yet another suspicious high-level bank executive suicide.
His name is Thomas Bowers. He was a former Deutsche Bank executive and head of the bank's U.S. private wealth-management division . Which is the group catering to ultra-wealthy clients like Donald Trump. He killed himself last Tuesday, November 19th, by hanging in his Malibu California residence.He was 55 years old.
So hanging is the preferred method of suicide by bankers.
Or perhaps its the preferred method of some outside group suiciding the bankers.
Hanging one's self seems to be the most painful and suffering way to do one's self in.
On the other hand, a good way to leave little evidence if it is done by nefarious people and means.
Hanging suicides is the preferred method of assassination cover-ups.
I can think of more peaceful deaths.
These wealthy bankers would have easy access to medications or pistols that would do the job without the suffering. So I just don't buy this.
It is essential to remind that no other bank had more high profile suicides than Deutsche Bank.
But what is most noteworthy is that according to a March 2019 report, Thomas Bowers was boss to Trump’s personal banker Rosemary Vrablic, who, according to the New York Times report, helped steer more than $300 million in loans to Donald Trump in the years before he was elected president.
Here is where the rabbit hole gets deeper: according to ForensicNews journalist Scott Stedman.
"one source who has direct knowledge of the FBI’s investigation into Deutsche Bank said that federal investigators have asked about Bowers and what documents he might have."
Stedman also said that "another source who has knowledge of Deutsche Bank’s internal structure said that Bowers would have been the gatekeeper for financial documents for the bank’s wealthiest customers: Donald Trump.

If ever there is a conspiracy here :
Just remember how the deep state and DNC wanted this bank to release Trump's financials.
Now supreme Court ruled against such a thing.
So the deep state probably went to :

Release, or we'll publish your child molesting videos.
So, he suicided.
Or maybe he had a moment of clarity and realized the destruction that bankers do to society and decided to do the morally right thing.
Welcome to The Atlantis Report.

So, being in the top management class at a big bank can be hazardous to your health, particularly if you know about dodgy operations that become the focus of bank regulators or the FBI or DoJ.
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