Gold and Silver in the Economic Collapse 2020.

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The dollar system has been used in global trade since 1913, but today it is virtually worthless in purchasing power.

This chart shows very clearly the history of the purchasing power of the dollar since 1913 till 2019.
1913: Federal Reserve is created .
1929: Black Thursday, marks the day the roaring 20’s stock market bubble burst.
1933: Franklin D. Roosevelt’s executive order makes it illegal to hold gold coin, bullion or certificates.
1944: Bretton Woods established the USD as the world’s reserve currency.
1971: Nixon closed “gold window”, end of Bretton Woods, beginning of the modern-day fiat currency system.
1973: Oil Crisis began when the members of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) proclaimed an oil embargo.
1979: Second Oil Crisis occurred due to decreased oil output, oil prices spiked to $150.: Dotcom Bubble
2008: Lehman Brothers Collapse
2017: Trump Tax cuts.
We are now in the longest U.S: Expansion, ongoing since June 2009.

Dr. Ron Paul often talks about Replacing the U.S. Dollar with Gold. Today much of the global economy is trying to ditch the dollar — and buy gold instead.
It is crucial to understand what the collapse of the U.S. dollar means.

Gold is recession proof and even in an economic depression, it will always retain its value. This quality makes it the best hedge against inflation or a recession.
Gold has been called God’s money by many.

When the dollar collapses and it will, there is no doubt about that, Gold and Silver will become the best alternatives coupled with platinum and palladium.
Many believe that silver will be by far the best alternative and it will shoot up in value much more so than Gold.
This collapse will however not happen overnight and most people do not see that we are already well under way. Having said that, there is a lot more to come.

Even president Trump talked about replacing the dollar with Gold as the global currency, in order to make America GREAT AGAIN.
In many countries, silver and gold are still important parts of the monetary system.

This chart shows what happens to gold, silver and oil during a recession. During the Great Recession between December 2007 and June 2009 we see gold, silver and oil spiking. What will happen this time? This time will not be a Great Recession it will be a Collapse and much, much worse than a Depression.

The Federal Reserve is of course printing money non stop, just so that “THEY” can save the banks just a little longer and get ready for the big show. I am convinced that Coronavirus and the microchipping of the population is this final move.

Soon the economy of the United States will collapse in a very big way. When a country collapses their currency becomes worthless. At least temporarily, gold will be the currency for international trade.
Gold and silver coins will protect those that have it and will allow these individuals to navigate the coming financial crash.

The central banks seem to be in a gold buying spree and in the past decade, we have seen some banks double and even quadruple their amount of gold reserve.
Central banks are preparing for the next crash, are you?

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Please face the facts. You have to ACT NOW and make the CHOICE between listening to your EGO mind / the external authority or listening to your SOUL / the internal authority.

The Coronavirus pandemic is a psychological force. The only way to prepare is to strengthen your immune system and NOT allow FEAR to enter your triple body (physical, emotional and mental).

In these transition times we need to be malleable and adaptable. The journey for every individual is unique. There is NO GOVERNMENT SOLUTION.
Preparing physically with gold , silver and a stash of food with guns will simply not be enough.
The internal preparation is THE KEY. We must first REMEMBER WHO WE ARE and then understand WHAT WE ARE DOING HERE ON EARTH, SPECIFICALLY, RIGHT NOW.
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