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 Speaker 1: Hey everybody, it's Ed Zulyevic here at Oregon Wholesale Properties.

A few steps that we kind of want to cover here real quick. Start out with, you want to steady the market. So before working with a wholesaler in Eugene, you want to have a good idea of what's going on in your local market. So take a look at trends, recent sales. Who's buying, and what areas they're buying in. And I'll urge you to find yourself an investor friendly realtor. That would be a good start to kind of get in touch with what's going on in the local market. Most of the information you can find on your own. There's a lot of pretty good sights. MLS Data, Zillow, and Trulia, they all have recent sales, stuff that is current in your market. So you can also find a majority of this information through a property appraiser's website. One area that's often overlooked.

Before you buy, spend some time just learning about what's happening in the local Eugene real estate market. Another thing you want to talk about is find the right one, as far as wholesalers. So not all wholesalers are the same. I really can't stress this enough. Being a wholesaler myself, obviously. So some wholesalers are marketing the same property as many other wholesalers. And many of them are inexperienced. And they try to rope you into paying a nonrefundable deposit. Only the possibility that the deal can get canceled. They can walk away with your cash. So you want to be really cautious.

Again, I'd probably urge you to stay away from those daisy chain kind of deals. Where one wholesaler gets the property, they wholesale it to another one, they wholesale it to another one. I don't do that. The property that I have and that you would buy from me or take a look at from me, it's actually my property.

Sometimes wholesalers can get a bad rap. However, when you find the right wholesaler, it can be like finding gold. So it's important to find someone who's experienced, understands your goals, and can provide you with references to back up the claims.

And next thing you want to do is do your homework, basically. At the end of the day, due diligence kind of lies with you. You want to ensure that title wasn't clouded, and that there won't be any other claims to the property that will surprise you at the end. So to do so, have an experienced firm run your title search. I work with probably two or three of those in my area, and that's all but done prior to you even getting the deal marketed towards you. So you want to be able to run some comps on the house.

Before you do any kind of repairs, you want to make sure you know what the value of that property is, when you get done with that. So try to get at least resale and comps for each strategy, each scenario. You can estimate the cost yourself. You can hire an inspector to tell you what you might want to do based on your plans. From there you can obtain estimates from contractors. Keep in mind that the repairs can often be higher than originally quoted. There's lots of hidden damages in homes so be very careful. Be very careful and cautious. And plan accordingly.

Another thing, you want to be able to clos quickly. So when you do find that perfect wholesale deal in Eugene, you want to be able to get that ball rolling as quickly as possible. You definitely don't want to cut any corners. You should be sure to complete your due diligence as quickly as possible. There are likely several other investment buyers looking at the property, and you don't want to find yourself missing out on a great deal. So get your ducks lined up, and get everything organized.

So that being said, if you do miss out, don't worry, don't get discouraged. There's always another deal in the future. So keep your eyes open. So why work with a property wholesaler in Eugene? Well you might thinking that you just go out and find yourself a deal on your own, and you may be right, and many investors do. There's nothing wrong with that. However, there's a lot that goes into marketing, sourcing properties that we offer. We spend a tremendous amount of time negotiating, in negotiations. Not always getting a deal. The market's pretty tight right now.

so that being said, it's just a convenient way to find properties. It's about your time, right? So you can leverage your time to the best of your ability. Let someone else do the footwork. So at the end of the day, you can kind of count on us at Oregon Wholesale Properties to help get you value that you need in your real estate investment business. We love talking to our clients, and I like to try and provide tips and some insight on the local market trends and conditions. So feel free to reach out. I'm always happy to help you out. If you would like to learn more, give us a call at. Or you can log on to our website at Thanks.

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