Panhard EBR 105: Maximum Skill - World of Tanks

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Panhard EBR 105 gameplay on Stepps.

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► The Panhard EBR 105 is a French tier 10 light tank.

A variant of the Panhard EBR armored vehicle with more powerful armament. It featured improved suspension and the two-man GIAT TS 90 turret, upgraded to accommodate a 105 mm gun. The vehicle never saw mass production, nor entered service.

Currently the fastest vehicle in World of Tanks. The Panhard EBR 105 features insane mobility that surpasses any tanks that were ever added in the game, with a whopping speed of 95km/h in rapid mode. In the Common Test when the wheeled vehicles were unveiled, the EBR 105 had been able to achieve more than 100 km/h! Although its penetration and protection are underwhelming it can utilize its mobility to harass its targets and bring them down one by one.

The Panhard EBR 105 marks the end of its French light line.

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